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An essential resource for any buyer wanting to power-up their procurement with Social Value.

Discover best practice guidance for unlocking Social Value in procurement, with the real-world examples and expert advice you need to get started.

Social Value FAQs

At Social Value Portal, we regularly receive questions from our members, consulting clients, webinar attendees, and many others seeking guidance on their Social Value strategies or our membership offering.

Whether you are a bidder, a buyer, a business, or have a question that spans all three categories, you can explore this guide for answers to your Social Value queries. 

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Why Social Value matters


Gross UK public sector spend 2021-2022. There is a huge Social Value opportunity. 

The public sector is there to spend our money, and we want it spent in a way that benefits society.

Guy Battle, Social Value Portal


Average of total contract value delivered as Social Value.

Social Value doesn't need to be groundbreaking, it just needs to make a difference.

Paul Emmett, West Yorkshire Combined Authority.


Were somewhat to not confident that they could develop a Social Value strategy with current resources.

Behind every number, there is a life, a person, a family and a community that stands to benefit from Social Value

Guy Battle, Social Value Portal


Felt they needed external support to deliver a Social Value strategy.

Success Story: Durham County Council


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